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Hey, i'll show you ways to draw a male and feminine face from scratch then i am going to demonstrate how thusme easy modifications will have an effect on the look of the face let's start with a male face first draw a circle try to make your construction lines as light-weight as potential next make a line through the center vertically and horizontally live 0.5 the circles diameter and add it to the lowest to induce the chin now draw the cheeks and jawline draw a line down the total face vertically we do not need the horizontal line any longer so let's get eliminate that

Now we're about to split the whole head in 0.5 by drawing a horizontal line longing the terribly center split all-time low section of the face in half so in half again let's do constant factor with the highest portion of the pinnacle these lines ar for the eyes nose lips and hair on the eyeline split your face into 5 equal sections taking the total dimension of the head into consideration draw your eyes within the appropriate spaces for a more careful tutorial on drawing eyes and noses and lips examine my other videos coupled down within the description i'm just gonna offer this guy some thick eyebrows not too curvilineal and keeping them close to the eyes for a relaxed face expression currently let's add the nose draw a line returning down from the inner corner of each eye this gives North American country a nice set of boundaries to draw at intervals for a medium length nose i'm gonna draw the nose a little on top of the nose line you can play with the positioning to examine how it affects the manner your character looks i'll show you some examples close to the tip of the video if you are stuck on this step look at the tutorial on top of for the mouth draw your boundary lines returning from the center of every eye directly below the nose draw a triangle that stretches right down to the road tagged lips place your Cupid's bow a fair distance from the nose below that draw the gap of the mouth while staying within the boundaries outline the corners of the mouth so connect them to the Cupid's bow to create the highest leg at constellations base draw the bottom lip finally define the opening of the mouth by drawing a wavy line beginning in the middle of the triangle for the hair start at the line labelled hair and draw the edges and fibers i like to draw the top half between these two lines males tend to have hair lines that square measure very angular and well-defined let's provide this guy a cool trendy hairstyle long at the top and shorter at the edges I nearly forgot about the ears between the attention line and nose line draw your

Two years you can make somebody look skinnier by defining their cheeks let's offer him a distinct jawline with a mark chin and let's conjointly provide him a thick neck thus that's my method for drawing a basic male face currently i'm gonna have a little fun and alter up a number of his features to form him look a lot of masculine i believe males generally have less distinguished lips so let's take away a layer of carbon to create the mouth very refined adding thusme shading underneath the mouth to bring out that chin that was truly extremely effective let's additionally offer the nose thusme sharpy angles and a darker nose bridge and let's have a look at what happens by changing solely the mouth keep your lines fairly light-weight so you'll simply erase any part of the face once you wish to this is the issue i like concerning sketching you can constantly revise your work till you square measure satisfied by the means my lines are sometimes lighter than this but i am simply attempting to create them really dark so you can clearly see

What i am doing if you want your character to look a lot of chill and relaxed make the eyes slimer therefore you can see less of the iris the more visible the iris is the additional alert or intense your character can look i really like how chill he appearance now gonna bring that jawline out a bit bit and simply gonna apply a touch of shading to bring out his chiseled options o.k. let's look at his total transformation to this point okay we'll return to the present later let's draw a feminine face draw a circle with a line looking the center vertically and horizontally live half of the circle and therefore add it to the lowest except this point draw the chin a little higher get obviate the horizontal line within the circle when you're done with it I typically prefer to draw females with slender faces and little chins let's draw a line down the middle of vertically draw a horizontal line surfing the center of the complete head split all-time low section of the head in [*fr1] and then in half again and do an equivalent issue for the highest portion again let's split the pinnacle into 5 equal sections along the road tagged eyes remember to take the total dimension of the head under consideration once you are doing this step let's provide her a pair of thin curvy eyebrows she does not look terribly happy so i'll got to return in fix that in a while to the nose draw your boundary lines again returning down from the inner corner of each eye let's give her a medium length nose by drawing it above the line labelled nose compared to the face on the left the roads accustomed draw her nose are rather more sleek no sharp angles it is also more narrow for the mouth draw your boundary lines coming back from the middle of every eye and place your triangle directly below the nose resting it on the line tagged lips begin with the Cupid's bow draw the gap of the mouth the corners then connect

Everything together for the ears draw them roughly between the eyes and also the nose now moving on to the hairline females have softer less outlined hair lines so let's draw a sleek line around the prime portion of the top giving the forehead a rounded form rather than a rectangular one draw the remainder of the hair we'll provide her a narrow neck i am gonna erase these construction lines so we will swap out some countenance to make her look happier you can keep these pointers if you need it for reference I just want to wash things up a touch bit here i feel the explanation she looks so sad and angry is as a result of her eyes are squeezed along at the ends so let's open those eyes right up that's most higher she looks a lot of relaxed she actually looks pretty serious currently rather than angry and all I did was amendment a single feature you know what in the starting i assumed i would have to be compelled to change her eyebrows too however most if not all of her disappointment came from the eyes

This is a good exercise to find out concerning how every feature will affect a character's emotions even through the most refined changes just adding some more details and shading I created the nose bridge look soft by giving it some lightweight shading if you compare the 2 nose bridges the one on the left is kind of a bit darker making the eyes look deeper and it conjointly brings the brow bone forward okay let's bring our focus back over here there isn't any detail on the tip of the nose and also the lips square American stateasure shaded during a way to make them look full instead of flat let's go back to the guy and turn him into a Southeast Asian i do not understand why but i prefer drawing the guy quite the lady let me provide him some eyes

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